H.T. Ignition Coil Assemblies

Wings is engaged in manufacturing of CDI and Inductive type ignition coils for 2/3 wheelers in various models for an Engine capacity of 50 to 500CC. Product warranty rejection rate commensurate with international standards, resulting in fully satisfied elite internationally renowned customers.

The annual installed capacity is about 15 million ignition coils with a utilization of about 67%. So Wings has ample spare capacity to cater more Customers.

H.t. Ignition Coil Assemblies
Ignition Coil With Long Cable
Small H.T. Ignition Coil Assemblies
H.T. Ignition Coil Assemblies
Low Voltage Ignition Coil
Small Tool For Ignition Coil
H.T. Ignition Coil Assemblies
Ignition Coil
Electron Ignition Coil
Super Ignition Coil
A Pastic Small Tool
An Plasstic Auto Part