Quality Assurance

Quality assurance department is well equipped to ensure high quality of its products through : Fluke Precision Power Analyser Transformer Short Circuit Test Panel (1000A), Transformer Resistive Load Testing Panel, Three Phase Transformer Testing arrangement, AC High voltage Break Down Tester (100 KV), Transformer No Load Current and Watt Testing Setup, Digital Micro-Ohm Meter, single & Three Phase Portable Digital Watt Meter (Low Power Factor),Three Phase Portable Digital Watt Meter etc.

Finished products are tested as per IS, IEC specifications. Facilities are available in-house to perform routine and type (No Load Current, Watt Loss, Voltage Ratio, Winding Resistance, Insulation Resistance, Dielectric Strengh, Incluced Over Voltage, Temperature Rise, Circuit, Efficiency etc.)

Reliability Testing Facilities

Electro Dynamic Vibration Shaker System

  • 400kgf with software for sine vibration controller.
  • Software for random vibration controller and accelerometer.
  • Frequency 0.1Hz to 1 KHz

Thermal Shock Test

  • -500c to +1500c with (2 Zone type) with interface software.

Environment Test Chamber

  • Temperature Range : -400 C to + 1500C
  • Humidity Range : 20% to 98% RH Heating
  • Cooling Rate : 40 C per minute.
  • Temperature uniformity ± 1%. Humidity Uniformity ± 3 or better.

Dust Test Chamber

  • This chamber is completely self contained and inter-connected, capable of producing & maintaining the actual dust conditions.

Continuous Spark Test Rig

  • 20 coils continuous spark testing arrangement with adjustable spark gap.

Variable Speed Magneto Rig

  • Four types of magnetos mounted on a single table with AC Drive controlled motors can be run simultaneously

Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

  • TDS3014B 100 MHz, 4 Channel, 1.25 GS/s Sampling Color LCD. 10K record length e-scope web based remote control. Wave alert 25.

Variable Speed Magneto Rig (Integrated with Environmental Test Chamber)

  • -300 C to +1500 C With programmable temperature controller and timer. Working space – length 16” x width 14” x height 16”.

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