Reactors, Inductors & Chokes

Wide variety of Reactors, sometimes also known and Inductors or Chokes, for multiple applications are manufactured at Wings. A few among them are Line reactors, Detuned reactors, Shunt reactors, Active Harmonic filter reactors, DC choke. All the products are made as per Indian or International Standards (IS, IEC, UL, IEEE and NEMA) or as per Customer requirements/ Application. All the manufacturing, testing and evaluation facilities are available in house. The main usage is power factor correction, harmonics reduction, smoothening and spike suppression. The current range is from 0.5-2500A and Voltage range is few Volts to few thousand volts. Based on application the conductor material can be Aluminium/Copper round wire, Flat Conductor or thin foil and magnetic material can be CRNO, CRGO, Amorphous, Ferrite or Powdered core. The frequency can be 50Hz or low to Few MHz and insulation class can be B (130°), F (155°), H (180°) or C (200° and 220°). Special VPI process with VT resin is adopted to make the products noise free.